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Bali Car Rental Opportunities

When you use the services of a Bali car rental there are a number of things to look forward to and one of them is the opportunity to acquire a car with a driver for a smaller price than what you’re subject to pay for in your own country or you can always make the choice of hiring a car to drive for yourself, at a much cheaper price.

The former can ensure that you won’t get lost in an unfamiliar place. The important thing is to remember to book your vehicle at a Bali car rental prior to your arrival at an airport or at one of the many surrounding kiosks that are offering the services in and around town. This booking process will more than likely consist of a transfer involving the agency and airport. Prices, Taxes and Surcharges Booking with a Bali car rental also include the 21% government tax and service charge which is usually a customary quoted rate; however, it would be best to get an accurate assessment of this prior to renting the vehicle. You must also keep in mind that if you’re paying through a credit card there would normally be a 3% surcharge for using it and the fee for the rental is processed in Indonesian Rupiah prior to being changed over into your place of residency; nevertheless, there are a few Bali car rental companies which accept cash payments, especially in US currency.

All prices are predicated upon certain characteristics of the vehicles such as the size and year, so if you choose to go with a smaller or older model vehicle, you may not pay as much even if insurance is included. Plus there’s the option of hiring a driver that speaks your language for an additional fee and this could be for as many as 10 hours a day before the overtime fees take effect. Car Rental for Travelers Most car rentals in Bali are for travelers who are looking to explore the many destinations and attractions of Indonesia; therefore, rental agencies are in abundance. This includes Bali car rental companies that offer everything from luxury vehicles, standard vehicles, premium cars, a number of coaches and a host of other vehicles to meet the needs and requirements of the consumer. Travelers have the choice of selecting from a number of vehicles in order to experience a memorable ride through the fascinating place of Bali and other surrounding areas in Indonesia. Being able to explore and witness the destinations and attractions of Indonesia from a tourist perspective can be an enjoyable experience for family and friends.

Taking advantage of a Bali car rental for these purposes affords a traveler a comfortable and convenient way of exploring the illustrious and fascinating destination spot of Indonesia. In conclusion, by renting a vehicle from any of the Bali car rental agencies you allow yourself to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of travelling while at the same time affording your family the opportunity to the memorable sights of Indonesia.